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Learning to lead on the field so you can lead in any field – that’s what really matters.

Sports aren’t just games; they’re training tools for life. So, when a kid hits the field, they’re not just playing – they’re building a foundation of confidence, character and work ethic they’ll employ for all their years. 

That’s why we’re working to help make more sports, more accessible and meaningful for all. Because when a child learns to lead, we all end up winning. 

Bridgestone is partnering with five NFL teams and Play Like A Girl during the 2023-24 season to empower young women through sport.

Our goal at Bridgestone is to create access to new opportunities and reduce barriers of entry for young people in underrepresented communities because what really matters is creating equitable access to opportunity today and for future generations to come.

“Sports and STEM were an important part of my upbringing, both having a significant impact on the choices I’ve made in my career. I always enjoyed problem solving but because those professions were “male dominated”, I was told by advisors that I would be unlikely to succeed – certainly not to the C-suite level. However, because of the life lessons I learned through sports, comments like that made me want to fight harder and achieve more, not only for myself but for those that would come behind me.”

Taren Rodabaugh
Chief Information Officer, Bridgestone Americas
Board of Directors, Play Like a Girl

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Join Play Like a Girl!®

Girls ages 10-17 in Nashville, Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston and Cleveland can sign up to participate in Play Like a Girl Power Hour, a flash mentoring series fueled by Bridgestone.


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Bridgestone knows the skills learned on the field matter, and now through this partnership with Play Like a Girl—they will raise national awareness that equitable access and opportunity off the field is what really matters.

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94% of female C-level executives played sports, and even more, 75% would prefer to hire a candidate who played as well.  

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For generations we've made tires. And we're still tirelessly at work - to create new opportunities. To advance the world forward. To improve the journey. For generations to come.