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Community Engagement

We love to engage with the community. From grass roots-level partnerships that focus on conservation projects to high-profile partnerships that support internationally recognized sporting events, we have a long-standing tradition of corporate citizenship.



We’ve set a goal that for every tire sold in the U.S., one spent tire, or any tire that has been taken out of use and removed from a vehicle, is recovered and put to a valuable new use.

Extend Tire Lifecycles
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Sports & Sponsorship


Our sports partnerships are unique opportunities to engage our customers, teammates and partners in events that bring everyone together for meaningful change.

Make a Positive Impact

Olympics & Paralympics


We’re proud to be a Worldwide Olympic Partner since 2014 and a Worldwide Paralympic Partner since 2018 and look forward to helping more athletes to chase their dreams.

Meet Team Bridgestone

A History of Innovation

Learn about our mission, our achievements, and our ongoing commitments