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Donations and Social Contributions

Donations are an essential component of our corporate citizenship. To make sure our donations are as effective as possible, Bridgestone Americas has established the Bridgestone Americas Donations and Social Contributions Committee (DSCC) to administer and continuously improve the process, budget and governance of donations and social contributions in alignment with Our Way to Serve, including the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund and company resources.

While contributions are made to more than 150 organizations each year, both the Trust Fund and company donations are intended to focus on organizations with missions supporting Bridgestone’s three Priority Areas:


Contributing to a Safer Society - Building safer communities through services, products, company and individual initiatives, and disaster relief.

Accessible and Inclusive Education - Expanding education and training accessibility and opportunities to develop job and life skills.

Promoting Healthier Communities - Creating access to the resources people need to lead healthier lives.


Accessible Mobility - Making smooth and seamless mobility available.

Smart Mobility - Utilizing unique technologies to improve the way people/goods move.

Safe Mobility - Utilizing unique technologies to enhance safe mobility.


In Harmony with Nature - Contribute to biodiversity through habitat enhancement, environmental education, and research.

Value Natural Resources - Continually improve natural resource conservation through operational improvements and product design.

Reduce CO2 Emissions - Work towards carbon neutrality by reducing emissions of Greenhouse Gases, including CO2, from our products’ complete life cycle.

Over the past five years, the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund has donated more than $12 million to charities across the country, impacting both national organizations and countless lives in 32 communities. Find out more about our contributions to a sustainable society in our 2020-2021 Sustainability Report.

A History of Innovation

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