May 30, 2017

Just How Safe Are Firestone Tires At Over 200 MPH?

Cara Adams, chief engineer of Bridgestone Americas Motorsports

Imagine circling the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at over 200 mph in an open-wheel race car with Mario Andretti as your chauffeur. As improbable as that may sound, the Indy Racing Experience (IRE) offers such two-seat ride-alongs on the day following the Indy 500. The price is steep - $3,300 per person - but for racing fans, it's hard to put a price on such a bucket-list experience.

Forbes writer Jim Clash discusses just how safe the Firestones on his recent two-seater ride really were this with Cara Adams, chief engineer for Bridgestone Americas Motorsports, who helps design the racing tires. Read more here.