Tires 101

Tires are incredible pieces of technology and the only part of your vehicle that connects with the road. That surface of the tire that touches the road is called a contact patch, and it's roughly the size of your palm. Learn more about these critical pieces of technology that are highly engineered to support the entire weight of your car.

Tire Design

We'll tell you the difference between the main types of tires and help you understand their components, functions and the latest tire technology so you can choose the right tire for your vehicle and driving conditions.

Tire Vocabulary

Here is a comprehensive resource of tire and vehicle terms to fill in your knowledge gaps and help with your next conversation with a mechanic.

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Living With Landyn

From measuring tread depth to checking your tire pressure, Landyn from @LivingwithLandyn can do it all - and thanks to her tips and tricks, now so can you.

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