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High Tech Tires Keep Us Safe

From the early days of the automobile until now, tires have seen many technological advancements. Improvements in raw materials and chemical compounds have led to tires that perform more effectively. Whether it’s compounds offering better grip in snow and ice or compounds providing improved wet handling, technology continues to enhance tire performance. Innovations in tread patterns, sidewall design and overall tire construction have made today’s higher-performing tires more reliable than ever before. Tire manufacturers work hand in hand with vehicle designers to engineer tires for the future. 

Technology to Control Molecular Structures “NanoPro-Tech™”

One of the most comprehensive technological innovations of the modern tire era is run-flat tire technology. Run-flat technology allows drivers who sustain air loss due to a puncture or cut in their tire to drive approximately 50 miles at 50 m.p.h. so they can reach a safe location to change the tire. The best way to see all the new tire technology is to visit a dealer and they’ll walk you through all your options.

DriveGuard - Run-Flat Technology

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A History of Innovation

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