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As a busy mom constantly on the go, Landyn Hutchinson needs to know that her tires are going to perform at their best to get her and her family where they need to go. Proper tire maintenance is crucial to keeping your tires in top-condition so you can travel without worry.

Checking Your Tire Pressure With Landyn

Checking your tire pressure takes less than a minute and is critical to the safety and performance of your tires.

Do you know how to check your tire pressure or how often you should do it? Watch Landyn as she teaches you everything you need to know about proper tire pressure - including how to check it and where you can find the proper inflation for your vehicle. Don’t forget the spare!

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How To Measure Your Tread Depth With Landyn

If you have a penny lying around you can easily determine if your tread depth is getting low and when you need to replace your tires.

Proper tread depth is important for traction, fuel economy and more. You should perform the penny test, like Landyn, to make sure your tires are still in good condition.

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Choosing The Right Tires With Landyn

All-season, touring, summer and winter - there are so many types of tires, where do you begin?

Tires all look round and black, but they aren’t all the same. Listen as Landyn talks with tire engineer Will Robbins about choosing the right tires for your vehicle, weather conditions and driving preferences.

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