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Bringing Nashville together – that’s what really matters

At the corner of 5th and Broadway sits a venue unlike any other. A place where more than 800,000 sports fans, music enthusiasts and others come together each year to share their passions. The Bridgestone Arena is an amplification of what Nashville stands for and is a meeting place where community is exemplified.

Bridgestone has proudly sponsored the arena since 2010, and has carved out a meaningful space on the main concourse where it celebrates not just our partnership with the Nashville Predators, but our calling to lead with purpose in serving both our customers and society.

The recent update of this Community Corner, spotlights a local artist who encapsulates the essence of our mission – serving society with superior quality. 

Cymone Wilder is a celebrated artist based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mountain over looking a valley

In recent years, she’s engaged in helping build up a more diverse creative community in Nashville, through support of organizations like Creative Girls Rock that exists to bring creatives in the margins to the forefront of the greater Nashville design community and beyond.

From Cymone: “I spread my wings so I could really be fly is a line that I’ve come back to over and over again in my career. It has been a reminder and a call to action in times when I forget my power and worth. It is a reminder to proudly take up space. Creative Girls Rock enables youth and women to spread their wings, so they too can fly and be fly.”

To celebrate Cymone and her passion for serving our community, Bridgestone has made a $10,000 donation to Creative Girls Rock.

Looking ahead, Bridgestone plans to spotlight more artists from the Nashville community on a recurring basis in the Community Corner and will be amplifying these partnerships with the artists and the organizations they support more broadly as well. Because bringing Nashville together – that’s what really matters. 

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image of Cymone painting
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Bridgestone E8 Commitment

When we say we’re thinking about tomorrow, we mean it. We’ve established 8 values that will help us solidify our commitment to a more sustainable business model—and world—by 2050.