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The First 60 Miles

Motorcycle tires typically wear out faster than car tires and so must be replaced more often. Every time you replace your motorcycle’s tires, remember to use care when riding on new tires. We recommend that you ride slowly and carefully for the first 60 miles until you become accustomed to the performance of your new tires. We recommend avoiding extreme maneuvers, including sudden acceleration, maximum braking and hard cornering, until you have become accustomed to the performance of your tires in conjunction with your motorcycle. Read more about responsible motorcycle riding and being road-ready.

Motorcycle Tire Types

Racing Street Tires

Designed for the serious enthusiast who does occasional track days. 

HyperSport Tires

These tires deliver the maximum performance from today’s high-performance sport bikes. 

Sport Touring Tires

Designed for the touring-oriented sport rider, these tires offer solid performance and high mileage.

Touring/Cruiser Tires

Designed for solid performance and very high mileage.

Adventure Touring Tires

Designed for a mix of on road and off road touring on today’s popular ADV bikes.

Dual Sport

Designed for lighter adventure bikes and dual sport bikes providing a mix of on and off road performance with the focus being more off road oriented.

Off Road/Motocross

Tires designed specifically for off road riding, whether its trails or the track.  

A History of Innovation

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