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The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 requires that affected companies doing substantial business in California disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking throughout their direct supply chain.

Bridgestone Americas has implemented the following programs designed to educate its teammates on the relevant issues and to help ensure that slavery and human trafficking remain eliminated from the company’s supply chain:

Bridgestone Americas Human Rights policy is available on its main web page and has been featured there since 2010.

The Human Rights policy is available on the main Bridgestone Americas intranet website and is featured in a compliance program given to all new Bridgestone Americas teammates.

The Human Rights policy is also featured in the Company Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct online training module. In 2010, this module was a mandatory requirement for all teammates participating in the Bridgestone Americas online training program.

Human Rights and Labor Law are important features of the Company's Code of Conduct. Every teammate in the Company has received a copy of the Code of Conduct in either its full form or in a four-page summary. The Code is also accessible via the corporate intranet site.

As part of its terms and conditions Bridgestone Americas requires that all of its suppliers and service providers comply with all applicable labor laws. New suppliers are now made aware of the Bridgestone Americas Code of Conduct.

As part of its 2012 Human Rights initiatives, Bridgestone Americas is evaluating and developing additional programs and procedures designed to ensure that slavery and human trafficking remain eliminated from the company's supply chain. These may include the following:

  • Procedures to verify product supply chains either by the company or by a third party.
  • Auditing company suppliers to evaluate compliance with Bridgestone Americas standards.
  • Requiring direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into their products comply with laws regarding slavery and human trafficking.
  • Developing internal accountability standards and procedures for employees and contractors who fail to meet the company’s standards.

Bridgestone Americas companies affected by the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010:

  • Tires Plus Franchising Corp.
  • Bridgestone Procurement Holdings USA, Inc.
  • Credit First National Association
  • Inner Circle Financing Company
  • Open Road Technologies, Inc.
  • Bridgestone Americas, Inc.