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Tires4ward is founded on the vision of achieving a waste-free tire industry. For every tire Bridgestone sells in the U.S., our goal is to ensure that one spent tire — or any tire that has been taken out of use —  goes on to another valuable purpose. Bridgestone’s company-owned retail stores recycle 100 percent of the spent tires they remove from vehicles.  Last year alone, Bridgestone retail stores saved more than 10 million spent tires from the landfill.

Valuable new purposes for spent tires include use as material in rubberized asphalt, construction materials, landscaping mulch and as tire-derived fuel for energy. Spent tires also are molded into consumer products like floor mats, roof mats, stone paving and even as a component in new tires, such as Bridgestone’s leading Ecopia line of fuel efficient tires.

In 2012, as part of the Tires4ward program, Bridgestone formed a partnership with the River Network, a national organization of more than 2,000 state, regional and local grassroots groups whose primary mission is protecting our nation’s lakes, streams and rivers. The River Network plays an important role in educating citizens about the importance of proper tire removal and encourages the recycling of tires pulled from the environment in community clean-up events.

Through the Tires4ward program and our continued partnership with the River Network, Bridgestone has supported hundreds of community clean-up events and ensured the proper recycling of tens of thousands of tires removed from nature. To date, we have supported more than 775 community clean-up events and recycled more than 225,000 tires from public lands, rivers, streams, lakes and communities nationwide. Bridgestone is working to change the landscape of the tire and automotive industry and make a waste-free tire industry a reality.

Citizens participating in a community clean-up event may request Bridgestone’s help recycling the tires collected as part of that effort. Bridgestone will contact the clean-up project coordinator directly to coordinate the logistics of tire drop-off at a local Bridgestone retail store or on-site tire removal, a determination made based on the amount of tire collection expected for the event. A Bridgestone Tires4ward representative will facilitate all coordination efforts. Logistics can be a challenge at some remote sites, but we will offer our full support of all organized community clean-up events.

Tires4ward FAQs

What is a spent tire? 

A spent tire is any tire that has reached the end of its useful life and been taken out of use.

What types of events is Tires4ward designed to support? 

The Bridgestone Tires4ward program supports citizens participating in any organized clean-up of rivers and waterways.

What kind of tires can be recycled? Can they have rims? 

Bridgestone accepts passenger car tires, light truck tires and commercial truck and bus tires. The commercial truck and bus tires cannot have rims attached to them.

Do tires need to be cleaned before Bridgestone will take them?

Yes. Tires should be cleaned and free of any soil or debris. Many groups partner with their local fire department to come out and spray off the tires.

Are you only recovering Bridgestone/Firestone brand tires?

No. We will accept any brand of tires. We want to make our communities a cleaner place to move, live, work, and play.


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