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Bridgestone Americas strives to be a good steward of the earth and its resources. Bridgestone has a long-standing commitment to sustainability that is reflected in our company’s E8 Commitment, specifically the Ecology component: “Bridgestone is committed to advancing sustainable tire technologies and solutions that preserve the environment for future generations.”


Program Overview


Founded on the vision of achieving a waste-free tire industry, our Tires4ward program is a key element of Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment. The Tires4ward program exemplifies our aspiration to take a leadership role in creating a market for recycling materials. The program works toward our long-term vision that 100% of scrap tires enter sustainable end-use markets after they are removed from vehicles. The three main pillars of the program are:

1) Provide end-of-life tires for beneficial next use

2) Community, river, and waterway clean-ups support

3) Expand the market for recycled materials


Provide end-of-life tires for beneficial next use


Our company-owned retail stores are one vital way we are working to make our vision a reality. Last year alone, Bridgestone retail stores saved more than 10 million end-of-life tires from the landfill by sending them to a beneficial next use. Valuable new purposes for end-of-life tires include use as material in rubberized asphalt, construction materials, landscaping mulch and as tire-derived fuel for energy. End-of-life tires are also molded into consumer products like floor mats, roof mats, stone paving and even as a component in new tires.


Support community, river, and waterway clean-ups


Bridgestone remains highly committed to practicing environmental sustainability at the local level. We’ve fostered many successful community and environmental non-profit sponsorships over the past several decades, but Tires4ward is the first program Bridgestone has created to help achieve the long-term vision of creating a waste-free tire industry. The Tires4ward program makes it possible for Bridgestone to support more volunteer organizations and aid more communities in the proper recycling of tires collected in organized clean-up events of rivers and waterways.

In 2012, as part of the Tires4ward program, Bridgestone formed a partnership with River Network, a national organization of more than 8,500 state, regional and local grassroots groups whose primary mission is protecting our nation’s lakes, streams, and rivers. River Network plays an important role in educating citizens about the importance of proper tire removal and encourages the recycling of tires pulled from the environment in community clean-up events.

Through the Tires4ward program and our continued partnership with River Network, Bridgestone has supported hundreds of community clean-up events and ensured the proper recycling of tens of thousands of tires removed from nature. To date, we have supported more than 1,050 community clean-up events and recycled over 300,000 tires collected as part of these community-based efforts.  In 2023, the Tires4Ward community program evolves into its next phase. Bridgestone will donate to River Network to support large-scale river clean-ups across the U.S. that engage thousands of volunteers and remove large quantities of litter, including numerous tires, from our nation’s waterways. Our partnership with River Network will extend into local communities and waterways, further sharing Bridgestone’s commitment to sustainability across the U.S.


Expand the market for recycled materials


Bridgestone, the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) and all its members share an aspirational sustainability vision that 100% of scrap tires enter circular and sustainable end-use markets. To achieve this goal, Bridgestone, as a member company of USTMA, works with state regulators, legislators and our value chain partners to advocate for a free market-shared responsibility system for scrap tire management, develop new and existing scrap tire markets, prevent illegal dumping, and remediate existing scrap tire piles.

A History of Innovation

Learn about our mission, our achievements, and our ongoing commitments