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FIrestone Airide

With over 80 years since patenting the original air spring, Firestone Airide, formerly Firestone Industrial Products, continues to pioneer and innovate air spring technology after paving the way for growth of the world’s transportation infrastructure as the world’s #1 air spring company and the largest supplier of air springs to the electric vehicle industry. Firestone Airide has a global footprint with manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Brazil, Costa Rica, China and Poland and R&D operations in the U.S. and The Netherlands. Firestone Airide has a diverse portfolio of products, significantly in the original equipment space—on everything from light-duty vehicles and large on-highway trucks and buses to off-highway vehicles such as trains, heavy construction and mining equipment, and industrial applications such as conveyor systems. Firestone Airide also has a large automotive aftermarket presence with its air helper spring systems, and is also studying new applications, such as medical and scientific equipment, that require a very high level of vibration isolation.

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