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Firestone Natural Rubber

Since 1926, Firestone Natural Rubber Company has worked with the people of Liberia to create a thriving natural rubber industry and to provide critical — and, in many cases, otherwise unavailable — social services to its Liberian employees and their families. With almost 100 years of investment, the Firestone Liberia location—covering 118,990 acres — is the largest contiguous natural rubber operation in the world.

Firestone Natural Rubber has been a trusted partner of the people and country of Liberia since 1926. We make unparalleled contributions to the economic and social development of the country, leading Liberia’s private sector in employment, education, and healthcare opportunities for thousands of its citizens.

Driven by a commitment to sustainability, we strive to be the leading force for positive impact in Liberia, benefiting our employees, communities, and the environment.

As the country’s largest private sector employer, we have made vital contributions to the Liberian economy. Since the end of the Liberian Civil War in 2003, Firestone Natural Rubber has invested more than USD $2 billion in Liberia’s economy. New housing, schools, health care facilities and free rubber tree saplings provided to Liberian farmers are helping to secure the future for thousands of families in the country.

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