Apr 25, 2019 São Paulo

Firestone Sponsors the Brazilian Championship “Velocidade na Terra”

The Brazilian Championship ‘Velocidade na Terra’ (BRVT) is currently moving to its 37th edition with a great new feature: Firestone, a brand owned by Bridgestone - the world’s largest tire and rubber company - is the official tire supplier of the competition in 2019.

Organized by the Brazilian Automobilism Confederation, the BRVT includes Autocross, Kartcross and VNT Tourism categories, divided into four stages between April and November.

"The Brazilian Championship ‘Velocidade na Terra’ is a traditional competition that brings together passionate people in the pursuit of performance, values shared by us and our brands," says Mariana Isaac, Manager of Product Planning at Bridgestone.

The opening of the circuit encompasses the AutoCross category and will take place between April 26 and 28 at the Bom Futuro racetrack in Cuiabá (MT). Three categories of the second stage will take place in Cordeirópolis in the state of São Paulo. Between August 2 and 4, the city of Luís Eduardo Magalhães, located in the West of Bahia, will host the Autocross and Kartcross races. As the competition calendar arrives to the end, the BRVT will return to Cuiabá for the big decision of the category AutoCross on November 1, 2 and 3.