Feb 25, 2019 Harbel, Liberia

Firestone Liberia announces new internship intake at Duside Hospital

Firestone natural rubber liberia duside hospital

The Firestone Liberia Medical Services has accepted five new postgraduate medical doctors for a six-month intensive internship program at the company’s Firestone Medical Center at Duside. This intensive medical training program will aid medical professionals in mastering their surgical skills with emphasis on obstetric surgical emergencies.

Firestone Health Services, which includes a full-service referral hospital with 300 beds at Duside and two regional clinics operated as part of its fully funded community infrastructure, holds a “Level 2 Training Hospital” grading from the Liberian government’s Ministry of Health.  This certification allows Firestone to train health practitioners such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, anesthetists and other health professionals.

The new intern doctors at the hospital in Duside, Margibi County are:

  • Doctor Robin Vaye in Obstetrics/ Gynecology
  • Doctors Jerome C. Johnson and Amos B. S. Darlay in Surgery
  • And Doctors Charles G. Quealee and Lacrown A. Suburu in Internal Medicine

In addition to accepting postgraduate medical doctors, who have successfully completed their internship and passed the Liberia Medical and Dental Council’s (LMDC) Board qualification exam, the hospital also regularly accepts interns from medical institutions in Liberia.

“At Firestone Liberia we are committed to the well-being of our communities,” says Don Darden, Vice President for Administration at Firestone Liberia. “In addition to providing knowledge through our company education system, and housing for our workers, we’re proud to offer our workers and their dependents high quality medical care that also includes with top doctors such as the promising new interns that will be part of this training program.”

“This program benefits not just Firestone communities, but is also in keeping with the company’s commitment to building expertise and sharing medical knowledge within Liberia,” said Dr. Benedict Wollor, Medical Director at Firestone Liberia. “In the years since I’ve overseen this program, we’ve had more than 50 interns pass through our doors. I am proud to say that many of the interns have gone on to serve in our regional hospitals, bringing much needed medical expertise to communities throughout Liberia.”