Jul 15, 2019 São Paulo

Firestone Launches the Project "O Som das Estradas"

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The web series will be broadcast on the digital channel 'Le Tour Du Monde' and will travel through Brazil capturing images and sounds to inspire the composition of new songs

Firestone, brand owned by Bridgestone, in partnership with the digital channel "Le Tour Du Monde", created by the couple Lucas Mayer and Iris Fuzaro, has just launched the web series "O Som das Estradas" (The Sound of the Roads). The project will follow the couple in a musical adventure through the five regions of Brazil, where they will learn more about the culture of these places to compose a special song for each one of them.

Le Tour Du Monde was created by the videographer Iris Fuzaro and music producer Lucas Mayer. The duo changed the conventional routine to travel the world searching for the essence of each place turning those experiences into songs.

To help the duo explore the Country roads, the Le Tour Du Monde car will be equipped with the new Firestone Destination LE2 and Destination H/T tires, which will provide them a smooth ride, comfort and safety, as well as excellent performance and drivability, so that new stories can be experienced along this journey.

"This new project will enable the company to present its main attributes through an emotional experience between brand and public", says Oduvaldo Viana, Director of Marketing of Bridgestone. "We want to be closer to consumers, providing relevant content and reinforcing our products’ benefits ", says Viana.

The project, launched on July 12, will have its content released on Firestone’s social media and the channel. The five episodes of the series will be aired until December. At the end of the trip, the audience will also be able to check out all the songs created during the journey on the couple's main digital streaming platforms.

Official channels to follow the project “O Som das Estradas”:



“Le Tour Du Monde” Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA8m3PAK3BvUNR3cZHZ4oKg