Apr 2, 2019 São Paulo

Firestone Launches New Sizes for the CV5000 Line for the Cargo and Passenger Commercial Vehicles Segment

Seven new sizes that provide better braking performance, longer durability and economy to the users will be launched

Firestone, a brand owned by Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, expands its CV5000 line with seven new sizes, five already launched earlier this year and two scheduled to hit the market in May. Developed for commercial passenger and cargo vehicles, the model conjoins the tradition and reliability of the Firestone brand, coupled with large braking capacity and economy to users as a result of its excellent durability.

The Firestone CV5000 line combines rugged, innovative design with strength and durability. The model was developed with the rotund shoulder shape to achieve a higher level of maneuverability and precision, and also has a central block design connected to the reinforced shoulder, which in addition to contributing to the durability, increase wear resistance.

"Firestone is one of the most trusted brands in the world. That's why we constantly work on quality products, "said Oduvaldo Viana, Bridgestone's Marketing Director. "The CV5000 has a robust and innovative design and is the right choice between cost-benefit, durability, control and comfort and also counts on the applied technology in its tread that promotes an even and quiet wearability until the end of its useful life, "explains Viana.

The new CV5000 sizes that were launched earlier this year are: 205/75R16C, 205/70R15C, 225/75R16C, 195/70R15C and 195/75R16C. The sizes that will be available in the market in May are: 225/70R15C and 225/65R16C.