May 9, 2019 San Jose, Costa Rica

Firestone Industrial Products Celebrates 10 years in Costa Rica

10th Anniversary firestone industrial products costa rica

Company has invested more than $20 million in the country and has emerged as one of the leading companies in Turrialba

Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC (FSIP), leader in the development of technology that eliminates vibrations in global transport, started operations in Costa Rica in 2009. To celebrate the achievements of these 10 years, FSIP held a ceremony and tour of its production plant in Turrialba on May 9. The activity was attended by Lizbeth Barboza, Vice-Mayor of Turrialba; Dyalá Jiménez, Minister of Foreign Trade; Emily Poladian, President of Firestone Industrial Products; and José Joaquín Hernández, General Manager of the Turrialba FSIP Plant, among other guests.

FSIP is dedicated to the production and manufacture of air dampers and parts used in tire assembly machines. During its 10 years presence in the country, the company has manufactured more than five million units and has invested more than US$20 million.

The global company decided to establish the plant in the Turrialba area because of its proximity to ports and institutions of higher education such as the University of Costa Rica, State Distance University, National Learning Institute and the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, all that provide access to personnel with a high level of training.

“Strong businesses and great communities go hand-in-hand, and we are proud to celebrate this milestone with our employees, friends, neighbors, customers, and elected officials,” said Jose Joaquin Hernandez Rojas, general manager of the Turrialba FSIP Plant. “Together, we have created a production facility that is making a positive impact on Turrialba, the region, and country and delivering high-quality products.”

The majority of the company’s products manufactured in Turrialba are exported, and the remaining portion used at the local tire production plant.

“For 10 years, Firestone has become a very important ally for Costa Rica, not only because of the impact its operations have had, but also because of its contribution to development outside of GMA (Great Metropolitan Area). It fills us with deep gratitude to see how this leading company not only continues to trust the country as the headquarters of its operations, but also bets on Costa Rican human talent, which extends throughout the country. With this operation, the plant in Turrialba, not only provides quality employment to around 175 people, but also encourages fosters the inclusion and integration of regions, territories and localities into the ecosystems of high productive potential. My sincerest congratulations to Firestone for its tenth anniversary and we hope to continue walking together for many more years”, said Mrs. Dyalá Jiménez, Minister of Foreign Trade.

The operational excellence of the Firestone plant has allowed it to be awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Management certification; ISO 50001 concerning the efficient management of energy; and ISO 14001 that seeks companies to have an environmental management plan. In addition, at the corporate level, FSIP is certified on the International Automotive Task Force standards (IATF-16949) a group made up of automobile manufacturers and their commercial associations with the aim of providing better quality products to customers around the world.

The company is also guided by Bridgestone's global social responsibility commitment, Our Way to Serve, which focuses its sustainability strategy on the Priority Areas of Environment, People and Mobility.

The General Director of CINDE, Jorge Sequeira, said “We celebrate the 10 years of Firestone in the country and applaud its valuable contribution to the human talent of Turrialba. This is one of the 20 cantons with which CINDE works outside the GMA in order to develop the right conditions for attracting investment that, in turn, generates quality jobs. Last year, 3 of the 20 new companies attracted to the country installed their operations in communities outside the GMA, equivalent to 15% of the total number of new companies that arrived in Costa Rica. Firestone is a clear example of how companies can be successful over time outside the Great Metropolitan Area and, from CINDE, we hope to continue being part of their strategic allies for their future plans.”

The celebration of this decade is a landmark of Bridgestone Americas, which owns and operates three sites in Costa Rica: Firestone Industrial Products in Turrialba; Bridgestone Shared Services Center in Heredia; and tire manufacturing plant, Bridgestone de Costa Rica, in Heredia.

FSIP is part of Bridgestone Corporation, the world’s largest tire and rubber company, and benefits from its automotive expertise, research and development efforts. The company offers a full range of air springs for the global commercial vehicle market with its two product brands, Firestone Airide™ and Airogear™, and is a preferred partner of top global vehicle manufacturers. For more information, visit FSIP.