Apr 1, 2019 Mexico City

Bridgestone Recognized Among 2019 Best Workspaces in Mexico

Bridgestone teammates in mexico

The company is ranked 19th among companies with more than 500 employees, thanks to the creation of corporate offices and initiatives that are changing the work style in the country.

Bridgestone, the world leader in tire manufacture and other diversified products, was included in the 2019 Best Workspaces Ranking, as a company that transforms environments and working methods, to attract talent and offer a better quality of life to its employees.

"At Bridgestone, we strive to offer our teammates with a cooperative, inclusive and entrepreneurial work environment that promotes creativity, professional development, health and recreation. We feel so proud to be awarded with such a prize that recognizes the company's interest in the welfare of our employees and their families,” said Dian Vega, Human Resources Director for Bridgestone Latin America North, BS-LAN.

The 2019 Best Workspaces award is the result of the joint effort of Expansion, the business magazine; TOP Companies, the leading firm in measurement and consulting of culture and organizational climate; and WeWork, the creator of workspaces. They selected the winners through a dual methodology that evaluates both, the inventory of corporate spaces offered by the company, and the opinion that employees have based on four pillars:

  1. Live: How labor market integration is achieved with staff through the offices and experiences where they collaborate
  2. Love: How spaces and experiences allow employees to be devoted to doing what they love, enjoy their work and the offices.
  3. Care: How the offices and corporate experiences contribute to the development of a social and labor community, being also responsible and inclusive.
  4. Work: How the company, through its offices and experiences, attracts and retains talent.

The award ceremony was held March 28, at the WeWork facilities in Mexico City; attended by representatives of awarded companies, special guests, as well as executives of Expansion and Top Companies, among others.

This recognition of Bridgestone Mexico's good labor practices strengthens its commitment to Serve the Company with Superior Quality, while consolidating itself as a leading company and benchmark in the Mexican market.