Oct 24, 2018 MEXICO CITY, Mexico

Innovation, A Wide Range of Products and Customer Approach are Bridgestone's Priorities

Bridgestone leaders launch new tire sizes in Latin American markets

Company strengthens its portfolio of tires with the introduction of 70 sizes in three new designs for SUVs and four designs for trucks

Bridgestone, the world leader in tire manufacturing and other diversified products, continues to break ground by developing innovative new products aligned with industry trends, ensuring the best quality, maximum performance, comfort, fuel economy and customers’ safety.

The launch event was presided over by Alfonso Zendejas, President of Bridgestone Latin America North (BS-LAN); Alejandro Cortés, Marketing Director; Mauricio García, Trade Marketing Manager; and Erick Calderón, Commercial Marketing Manager, with the participation of journalists, distributors  and representatives of the automotive and transport fields.

“At Bridgestone, it is essential to address the needs of two of the most important and evolving industries such as the automotive and transport; therefore, we work to keep a step forward in the development of technological and sustainable solutions for the current market,” said Alfonso Zendejas, President of Bridgestone Latin America North (BS-LAN). “The new product portfolio we launch today, will take us to remain leaders in various industry segments.”

The launch of new Bridgestone products is the result of the innovations, diversification and world-class technology that distinguish the Bridgestone and Firestone brands


  • Alenza 001.  It is Bridgestone's latest development globally for the Premium SUV segment. It is specially designed to offer a great driving experience, since it offers greater control, comfort, dynamic performance and wear resistance.
  • With a new design and better performance, Firestone Destination MT2 has characteristics that allow the rejection of mud and stones from the tread, which makes it resistant on and off the road.
  • Dueler A/T Revo 3. It is the best Bridgestone all-terrain tire. Its design allows comfortable handling on roads and improve performance outside it, thanks to its new Technology Claw Traction


  • Greatec M835A Ecopia. Super single tire with Smartway certification, perfect for fleets of trucks who want fuel-efficiency and best performance, combining belt design that optimizes durability, with “Fuel Saver” technology to reduce the fuel consumption and “Turn and Ply” technology to extend renewability.
  • Greatec R197 Ecopia. "Super single" tire with Smartway certification, designed for long distance routes. It offers significant improvements in rolling resistance of up to 6%, and 20% more performance (compared to its predecessor R135 Ecopia), without compromising its ability to retread.
  • With a new tread design, the Bridgestone M864 allows improved traction performance on both wet and dry roads. It is designed to increase its resistance to wear up to 30% more, than its predecessor the M854.
  • Firestone FS818. It is a wide-base radial tire recommended for steering, traction and towing axles, in services on and off road. It is equipped with stone ejectors in each groove, which provides excellent durability.

The new products presented by Bridgestone will be available in 64 sizes for SUVs and 6 sizes for trucks in the 600 Bridgestone outlets during the 4Q 2018.

With the advance and rapid transformation of the industry, Bridgestone is a pioneer in the development of new products, technologies and digital solutions to meet the requirements of motorists, carriers and original equipment customers by offering convenient, efficient and sustainable solutions  while it is helping to shape the future of mobility.