Jun 14, 2018 NASHVILLE, Tenn.

Firestone Ag Launches A New Product Line

We want farmers to be able to rely on the brand they know and trust no matter what equipment they are driving.

Matt Frank, Product Marketing Manager, Firestone Ag

Performer EVO tires provide trusted Firestone quality at a more competitive price

Farmers depend heavily on their equipment when getting each job done, but not all equipment is equally utilized. Using a secondary tractor for tasks like hauling feed or moving equipment from building to building is common on the farm, and these secondary tractors don’t always require the top investment. Firestone Ag, a division of Bridgestone Americas, Inc., is introducing Performer EVO tires – a new tire line that provides trusted quality at an affordable price.

“We understand that every piece of equipment on a farm needs to function properly in order for an operation to be successful, which is why we developed Performer EVO tires,” says Matt Frank, Product Marketing Manager, Firestone Ag. “We want farmers to be able to rely on the brand they know and trust no matter what equipment they are driving.”

Performer EVO tires will be made available to dealers using the same channels as other Firestone products. This new tire line gives dealers more opportunities to recommend a premium brand to their customers, even those looking for a more budget-friendly tire. As with all Firestone tires, Performer EVO tires will deliver the quality the brand is known for:

  • Performer EVO tires carry the Firestone name because they are put through the same performance and durability tests as our premium tires.
  • Firestone is backing the Performer EVO tires with a warranty. This tire comes with a 6-year limited warranty*, including coverage by both stubble and field hazard policies.
  • The deeper R-1W tread depth on the Performer EVO tires results in longer wear compared to a standard R-1 tread depth, making the tire a valuable investment.

“Everything you know about Firestone products is still the case with Performer EVO tires, from the trusted salesperson, to the reliable warranty and the shipping process,” says Frank. “Most importantly, our dynamic network of Firestone dealers now have more reasons than ever to recommend the best name in ag tires.”

For more information about Performer EVO tires, please contact your Firestone Representative.


*Certain restrictions and limitations apply.