Jun 28, 2018 NASHVILLE, Tenn.

Calculate Agriculture Tire Inflation Pressures Faster and Easier

Firestone’s new calculator helps dealers find the proper tire pressure for farm applications

Calculating accurate tire inflation pressures for farm customers can be a tedious chore for dealerships. However, it is critical, as overinflating tires can cause excessive soil compaction, and underinflating tires can cause unnecessary wear and tear. To help dealers quickly and easily calculate accurate inflation pressure, Firestone Ag, a division of Bridgestone Americas, Inc., created an online tool, the Tire Pressure Calculator.

“Instead of doing long, drawn out math to help customers determine their best tire inflation, this calculator was designed to make our dealers’ jobs much easier,” says Brad Harris, field engineer, Firestone Ag. “With today’s heavy equipment making multiple passes through the field, soil compaction is also a real risk. Ensuring those tires are properly inflated will help your customers maximize yield.”

Dealers should also note that farmers using Firestone’s advanced radial tires built with the Advanced Deflection Design (AD2) technology will experience greater load capacity at the same inflation pressure, or the same load at a lower inflation pressure. The AD2 technology can give Firestone tires a larger footprint, which helps increase traction compared to standard radial tires.

“Firestone testing showed that the AD2 technology provides your customers with as much as 4 percent savings in fuel and 5 percent savings in time compared to our standard radial tires,” Harris adds. “Combining our newest technology with advanced tools like the Tire Pressure Calculator helps Firestone service customers easily and accurately.”

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