Dec 12, 2018 SAO PAULO, Brazil

Bridgestone Starts Selective Process to Form Future Generation of Leaders

Bridgestone starts new future executives program in Brazil

Pneumatics company seeks young executives to take on management positions in the company

Bridgestone, the largest tire manufacturer in the world, has opened registrations for the 2019 Jovem Executivo Program. With the program, the company seeks to attract professionals who can contribute to the development of creative capital, encourage innovation and support its growth strategy in the Brazilian market.

The Program is scheduled to start in January 2019. It will last 12 months, and will select five young executives from Bridgestone's Commercial and Marketing departments. "To be part of the Jovem Executivo, we are looking for professionals who have a strong capacity to realize and a passion for performance," said Lucila Del Grande, executive director of Human Resources at Bridgestone Brazil. "At the end of the program, we expect to have a new generation of leaders,” she continues.

With a differentiated structure, the Jovem Executivo Program provides professionals with access to and exposure to the company's leadership and the selected ones will have the opportunity to interact with different areas of the company through job rotation activities at the Finances, Supply Chain, Industrial, Marketing and Commercial boards.

"Job rotation will provide a systemic view of Bridgestone's entire business chain, the understanding of our market, brand positioning, and other relevant aspects to the target areas of the program: Commercial and Marketing," explains Lucila.

The professionals will also be developed directly by the directors of the company through a mentoring program and, at the conclusion of the Jovem Executivo, they will make presentations of their final projects to the Bridgestone Brazil president. In addition, those selected will have the mentorship of a Human Resources professional to support them throughout their journey in the company.

Registration for the Jovem Executivo Program is until December 3rd, and it must be done at Candidates graduated for at least three years in any area of knowledge can participate in the selection process - consisting of online tests of logic and English, group dynamics, behavioural test and executive board. In addition, other prerequisites are previous professional experience, with organizational experience and exposure to challenges, advanced English and travel availability. Post-graduation and knowledge in the Spanish language are considered as additional skills. All vacancies are for the city of Sao Paulo.