Oct 12, 2017 Mexico City, Mexico

Bridgestone Strengthens its Leadership on Social Responsibility by Presenting its New Sustainability Report

Bridgestone Sustainability Report

This regional report includes indicators and results pertinent to the year 2016 in the countries of Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

Bridgestone, as a global leader in tire and other product manufacturing industries, presents its second sustainability report, which includes indicators and results 2016 for its business unit Bridgestone North Latin America (BS-LAN), comprised of Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia.

The document highlights Bridgestone’s new corporate vision: Our Way to Serve. Since its foundation, the company has recognized that sustainability is a key factor to face global challenges that guide companies on making the world a better place.   

“Bridgestone is a company committed to superior quality, not only in relation to its products and processes, but also to its internal corporate activities and policies to interact and response to its groups of interest, aspects that are aligned to Bridgestone’s Essence. Therefore, this report is a response to our commitment to establish a sustainable business model,” stated Alfonso Zendejas, President and CEO of Bridgestone North Latin America.

While preparing this report, priority topics for the company’s sustainability were defined; in other words, the material aspects, by implementing a materiality study in compliance with G4 GRI Guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative), as well as the INTE G35 standard on Social Responsibility, exclusive for Costa Rica.

This analysis focused originally on approaching these groups of interest, to know their expectations and opinions in relation to Bridgestone’s sustainability. Consequently, important topics were identified for the continuous development of a regional plan that aims to align the priorities of the company with the interests of its audience.

As a result of this study, it was concluded that there is a positive perception of the company’s sustainability in the region: over 96% in Mexico, 91% in Costa Rica, and 83% in Colombia.

The report also shows Bridgestone’s compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As an industry leader, the company acknowledges its responsibility of understanding the requirements on these statements and assessing the impact of its operations on the world, contributing on improving people’s access to smart and safe transportation, creating resilient and healthy communities, and balancing business choices with good environmental practices.

Relevant Data:

Thanks to our volunteering support, Bridgestone carries out several social activities intended to generate developmental and inclusion opportunities for the community. In 2016, the company reached 4,086 volunteering hours on the priority areas of Mobility, Environment and People, with the participation of 1,040 contributors.

On the other hand, through its Environmental Mission, Bridgestone has established long-term aspirations, by indicating the way to which every business aspect must contribute to environmental conservation and care.

The company is doing its best to reduce its environmental impact and, in 2016, it decreased 18% its carbon emissions in Mexico and 15% in Costa Rica, being consistent with its promise to strongly approach towards carbon neutrality. Meanwhile, Bridgestone’s administrative operations in Colombia are carbon neutral since 2015.

Bridgestone also stands out for its high recycling rate on its facilities. In 2016, the percentage of recyclables which were sent to co-processing in the Cuernavaca plant corresponded to 34.59%, while the Costa Rican plant reached 83.68%. Other prominent regional initiatives are the implementation of projects that make electric energy consumption and water recycling more efficient on its facilities.

The company has also achieved important goals regarding human talent management. Each contributor sums up an average of 31.5 annual hours of training on several topics in Mexico and Colombia, and an average of 60 hours in Costa Rica. Bridgestone North Latin America hired nearly 340 new collaborators only in 2016.

Thanks to its efforts on social responsibility, Bridgestone now has several accreditations and awards in the region. In Mexico, the company has been awarded on Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Family Responsibility recognitions, while in Costa Rica, operations have been accredited with the G35 Standard on Social Responsibility. Bridgestone Colombia has obtained the Corporate Social Responsibility Certification granted by the Solidarity Fenalco Corporation.

For Bridgestone business success and operation sustainability are based on a joint effort between the company and its groups of interest: people, communities and partnerships linked to production activities and services that the company offers.

For more information about this report and Bridgestone North Latin American actions, BS-LAN, visit http://www.informebridgestone.com/sostenibilidadBS-LAN/