Dec 23, 2016 San Jose, Costa Rica

Bridgestone Supports Affected Communities After Devastation Of Otto Hurricane

Bridgestone Supports Affected Communities After Devastation Of Otto Hurricane

Bridgestone facilities in Costa Rica carried out a relief campaign among teammates. Company’s brigade supported Upala, a most affected community

Bridgestone Costa Rica, Bridgestone Shared Services Center and Firestone Industrial Products joined efforts last November to support affected communities after devastation of Otto hurricane. Fifteen members of the company’s Emergency Committee volunteered to visit Upala community during three days in order to contribute with the local authorities in support to the families severely affected.

In addition, Bridgestone identified that 26 teammates and their families were impacted directly by the natural disaster, for the company launched a second campaign through ASEFIRE, the company’s Solidarity Association, in order to financially support workers who have suffered material loss.

“Bridgestone teammates have shown their solidarity towards their affected coworkers and damaged communities, which demonstrates the core values of the company as a responsible corporate citizen. We fraternally embrace people affected in the difficult times and extend our unconditional support”, said Erick Herrera, Country Manager of Bridgestone Costa Rica.

Bridgestone Costa Rica in Belen, BSA Shared Services Center in Barreal city, and Firestone Industrial Products in the province of Cartago, joined efforts to launch a relief campaign to donate groceries and personal articles delivered to communities through the Costa Rican Red Cross, the organization assigned by the National Emergency Committee.

“Otto hurricane hasn’t affected our facilities directly but it certainly caused a big impact in other regions, for we are looking for alternatives to support the affected communities.  I am so proud to work in a company with colleagues who are helping in different ways,” stated Rodrigo Cal, Bridgestone Shared Services Center Director in Costa Rica.

“This emergency has certainly touched the heart of our teammates who are contributing in the relief campaign. I feel so proud to be part of the Bridgestone family and highlight our values with responsibility and commitment, by providing support to those who need I most after the devastation”, said Jose Joaquin Hernandez, General Manager of Firestone Industrial Products Costa Rica.