Jun 15, 2016 SANTO ANDRÉ, Brazil

Bridgestone Announces Marketing Programs for the Olympic Games Rio 2016

Activations include retail promotions, a television campaign, digital content and an outdoor media package in Rio

The approaching Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro represent a very important moment for Bridgestone. In 2014, the brand signed a 10-year sponsorship contract with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Now in 2016, Bridgestone will have its first experience as a Worldwide Olympic Partner. The partnership with the IOC is one of the largest investments in marketing and brand building in the company's history. Between May and September, Bridgestone has several initiatives planned to strengthen the association of the brand with the Olympic Movement.

"The Olympic Games are one of the most effective marketing platforms in the world, reaching billions of people in over 200 countries. The partnership with the IOC is also the first global marketing platform in the history of our company and the greatest opportunity for Bridgestone to show the world who we are, the products we create and the values of our organization. Thus, we are working to make the most of this opportunity and recently disclosed an expansion of our local marketing budget by 40 percent to promote the Games", said Concheta Feliciano, marketing director for Bridgestone Brazil.

Among the brand’s activation towards Rio 2016 are a retail promotion to consumers and dealers, a television campaign under the brand concept Built to Perform, a digital marketing platform with unique Olympic Games-related content, exterior media package covering public outdoor space in Rio de Janeiro during the Olympic Games. Details of each of these initiatives included below:

Promotion De Carona na Cidade do Esporte: Hosted by Bridgestone’s 850 dealers, the retail campaign, which began on April 18 and will run until June 14 , will give away six, three-day trips with a companion to Rio de Janeiro between June 22 and July 31 to experience the atmosphere and excitement prior to the world's biggest sporting event. Consumers can register at the promotion’s official website: http://www.decaronanacidadedoesporte.com.br/

Television campaign: The Olympic Games-related campaign will be on 16 SporTV channels (the most important sports pay TV in Brazil).

Social content: Bridgestone is investing to strengthen its Olympic sponsorship among the main platforms of digital and social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The brand will share exclusive Bridgestone content focused on performance and innovation leading up to the Olympics, along with updates throughout August and September.

Performance Institute: The digital campaign is a multiplatform project that will bring several definitions of the concept of performance. The Performance Institute will bring together exclusive videos with the stories behind the preparation of high-performance athletes and the scientific and technological processes involved in Bridgestone products.

Out of Home media pack: The largest investment in Out of Home Media for Bridgestone, between July and September, Bridgestone visual materials will cover public fixtures throughout the city of Rio de Janeiro, including bus stops, taxis, billboards, buses and Rio de Janeiro international airport.

POS customization: From May through September, Bridgestone points of sale will be customized with Olympic Games-themed materials such as banners, displays and exhibits.