May 18, 2015 Chicago

Firestone Reminds Truck Owners of Their Truck’s Full Potential and the Workmanship That Keeps It Running

New Campaign by Leo Burnett Chicago Promotes Firestone Tires and Firestone Complete Auto Care Brands

Bridgestone Americas is sending a message to drivers across the country with its new Firestone ad campaigns – that it’s time to acknowledge the artisans of vehicle maintenance, Firestone auto technicians, and that it’s time for truck owners to get out there and use their truck for what it’s built to do.
The new campaigns for Firestone tires and automotive service provider Firestone Complete Auto Care stray from traditional automotive advertising with a tongue-in-cheek view of today’s consumer habits, such as truck owners neglecting to use their truck as the powerful machine that it is, and the renewed appreciation of handcrafted products and services.

“The Firestone brand connects with a distinct group of people who work hard, play hard and expect the most from their vehicles. Our new ad campaigns really celebrate the role Firestone plays in achieving those goals,” said Philip Dobbs, chief marketing officer, Bridgestone Americas. “The new spots remind people of the skill of our ASE-certified technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care, and what’s possible when they use their trucks as they’re intended; as heavy-duty, adventure seeking vehicles.”

Firestone Complete Auto Care

In the “Handcrafted” campaign for Firestone Complete Auto Care, TV spot “Made By Hand” explores the burgeoning trend toward purchasing handmade items including everything from flower-pressed soap to artisanal pickles. Another spot, “Work Shirt,” muses how people spend $30 on vintage work shirts now that it’s trendy to look like they work with their hands. The spot jests that the more than 4,000 ASE-certified auto technicians at Firestone Complete Auto Care are flattered, since, after all, they have been working with their hands and in their more than 1,600 stores across the country—and they have since 1926.

Firestone Tires

The “Do Truck Stuff” campaign explores what’s possible when truck owners get Firestone tires and finally realize the full potential of their trucks. In the TV spot “Lee Rides Again,” Lee gets inspired to do real truck stuff, like mud bogging, crushing a toy car like a monster truck and finding the perfect secret fishing spot. Thanks to his Firestone Destination A/T tires, he’ll be able to conquer any terrain he encounters. In another iteration, “Ann’s Epic Errand,” Ann realizes that picking up party favors for her son’s birthday party doesn’t have to be a mundane task. She shifts gears and proceeds to do truck stuff, bringing excitement to her drive like never before.

“Most people aren’t getting the most out of their trucks,” said Leo Burnett EVP, executive creative director Charley Wickman. “If you’re going to drive a truck, you should do cool truck stuff with it. Your tires should make anything possible, so the campaign focuses on all of the exciting, rugged and downright tough things that Firestone tires allow these truck drivers to do.”

The campaign consists of TV, radio, and online as well as digital and social activations. The first spot for the Firestone Tires campaign, “Lee’s Day Out,” will air starting today on network and cable television. “Made By Hand” for the service brand launched on May 11.

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