Jun 2, 2014 Nashville, TN

Bridgestone Increases Commitment to River Network

Annual Rethink Green campaign supports protection of vital waterways

Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) today announced it is increasing its commitment to River Network in 2014, providing additional support for the organization and its ongoing work to protect and restore waterways throughout the United States. River Network was presented with a $25,000 gift from Bridgestone during its annual River Rally gathering of grassroots leaders in Pittsburgh, Pa.

“The work that River Network is doing nationwide really encompasses Bridgestone’s One Team, One Planet approach toward ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations,” said John Sheerin, Retail Environmental Director at Bridgestone Retail Operations. “We are pleased to offer additional support for the important work they do to preserve our nation’s rivers and waterways.”

The $25,000 gift from Bridgestone is the result of funds raised during the company’s annual Rethink Green campaign earlier this year. During the month of April, consumers were encouraged to use the Fuel Savings Calculator on BridgestoneTire.com to calculate the average estimated savings they may enjoy by switching to the company’s energy and fuel-efficient Ecopia tire line. For every dollar saved on the Fuel Savings Calculator online in April, Bridgestone committed to donate ten cents, or up to $25,000, to River Network to continue its work helping locally-led watershed groups survive and grow.

"We are so grateful for the ongoing support that Bridgestone provides our organization to empower local efforts," said Nicole Silk, President of River Network. "Bridgestone is an engaged leader in conservation. The Tires4ward cleanup program helps rivers across our country and supports our community to care of our most precious resource, water. Companies like Bridgestone demonstrate that we can have a profound impact when we work together."

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturer, has supported River Network since 2012, as part of the company’s Tires4ward program. Founded on the company’s vision to create a waste-free tire industry, the Tires4ward program works to assure that for every new tire Bridgestone sells in the U.S., one used tire is recovered and sent to a valuable new use. When properly managed, used tires can find new life as cushioning material for playgrounds, rubberized asphalt, rubberized mulch, a source of energy to make new tires and more.

Through Tires4ward, Bridgestone supports the River Network and other organizations across the country by collecting tires recovered in organized clean-up events of public spaces, watersheds, rivers and waterways at no charge. Since 2012, Bridgestone has supported more than 300 community clean-ups and recycled more than 85,000 used tires that were recovered from streams, waterways and communities nationwide.

Bridgestone’s annual Rethink Green campaign highlights the Bridgestone Ecopia line of tires, which delivers low rolling resistance and improved fuel efficiency, as well as the company’s breadth of Eco-Products. Ecopia is Bridgestone’s most fuel-efficient line of tires that is engineered to save consumers money every time they drive. The Eco-Product designation is used to identify Bridgestone products that feature environmentally-conscious materials, such as low-aromatic oil and recycled materials, and also are designed to help improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

For more information about the Bridgestone Rethink Green campaign, visit BridgestoneTire.com/rethinkgreen. To learn more about the company’s global environmental initiatives, visit OneTeamOnePlanet.com.