Oct 1, 2013 Bloomingdale, ILL

Firestone Complete Auto Care Offers Top Auto Care Tips For Fall Car Care Month

Key tips help drivers keep their cars running newer, longer

At the beginning of the summer, savvy travelers visited their trusted automotive service professionals for a car care check-up. Now that the summer travel season is over, it’s time to take another look under the hood. Firestone Complete Auto Care offers five tips to help drivers keep their cars running newer, longer in time for the Car Care Council’s Fall Car Care Month in October.

  1. Check your tire pressure monthly – Tires can lose one psi (pound per square inch) per
    month under normal conditions. Lower pressure increases heat, which results in tire
    wear and damage.

  2. Rotate your tires as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or every 5,000 miles –
    For maximum mileage from your tires, stick to a rotation schedule.

  3. Keep your car washed – Keep the exterior washed and waxed to protect your vehicle
    from the elements as the seasons change.

  4. Don’t forget the filters – Oil, fuel, transmission and air filters are important to keep your
    engine running well. Check your owner’s manual to see how often they should be

  5. Drive smart – Maintain good driving habits. They not only affect how long your car will
    last, but improve fuel economy. Place less stress on your vehicle by avoiding sudden
    acceleration and braking.

For more tips on vehicle maintenance and to find a location near you, visit Firestone Complete Auto Care,ExpertTireTires Plus or Wheel Works.

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