Jan 29, 2013 Nashville, TN

Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations Expands its AD2 Offering with Cyclical Field Operations for Harvest Tires

CFO tires specifically designed for the cyclical loads of harvest equipment

Bridgestone Agricultural Tire, U.S. & Canada Commercial Tire Sales (BAAG), manufacturer of Firestone-brand farm tires, announced the launch of Firestone-brand Cyclical Field Operation (CFO) Harvest tires, which will be available in late 2013. The CFO tires are made in the United States and are part of a new class of farm tires with AD2 technology, which is specifically designed to support the cyclical loads of harvest equipment.

“The CFO tires meet the demands of extreme load cycles during harvest season so producers can get more work done in less time,” said Tom Rodgers, who directs sales and marketing efforts for Firestone-brand farm tires. “CFO is an extension of our recently introduced  AD2 technology, which allows for cyclical loading of tires that meet the Tire and Rim industry standard for IF loading.    Our technology will accommodate the ever-increasing loads of both today’s and tomorrow’s advanced harvesting equipment, and do so with reduced ground pressure. ”

The Firestone-brand CFO tires are specifically engineered with an IF-designation and, compared to equivalent-sized standard radial tires, the CFO harvest tires deliver additional performance benefits that include:

  • Reduced soil compaction due to an increased deflection and larger footprints
  • Improved traction and added fuel savings due to less time in the field
  • Improved ride with increased sidewall deflection
  • 20 percent deeper R-1W tread bars than industry standard vs. R1 tread depth – for longer wear and added performance in wet soils

The Firestone-brand CFO tires are extensively tested for durability and performance at the Firestone Farm Tire Test Center in Columbiana, Ohio. Thanks to Bridgestone’s $151 million investment that provided tire-building capacity as well as the components to successfully build out the IF and VF sizes, these tires are manufactured at the company’s primary agricultural tire plant in Des Moines, Iowa.

To learn more about the CFO Harvest tires and product offerings, visit the Firestone Tractor Tires site.