Oct 5, 2012 Nashville, TN

Bandag Retreads Earn SmartWay Verification

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced two Bandag retread products, B710 FuelTech™ and B197 FuelTech™, have been added to its SmartWay-verified low rolling resistance retread list.

The EPA SmartWay Technology program verifies the performance of vehicles, technologies and equipment that have the potential to reduce greenhouse gases and other air pollutants from freight transport, according to its website. Using fuel economy testing, demonstration projects, etc., the program establishes credible performance criteria and reviews test data to ensure that vehicles, equipment and technologies will help fleets improve their efficiency and reduce emissions.

“We are constantly striving to develop eco-friendly products and processes while meeting the fuel saving needs of our customers,” said Bert Jones, Manager, Product Marketing, TBR, Retread and OTR, Bridgestone Commercial Solutions.

The Bandag B710 FuelTech™ drive retread was specifically engineered to complement the Bridgestone M710™ Ecopia™ radial tire, which is also SmartWay verified. An achievement in low rolling resistance design, the B710 delivers excellent mileage and performance, plus all the eco-friendly benefits of retreading for tandem drive axles in over-the-highway use.

The Bandag B197 FuelTech™ trailer retread complements the SmartWay verified, Bridgestone R197™ Ecopia™ radial tire in design and performance. Its advanced tread compound and low rolling resistance design results in long tread life and fuel economy on tandem trailer axles in over-the-highway use.

“Customers can maximize the rolling resistance benefit when pairing a SmartWay verified retread and casing, particularly the Bandag FuelTech product with a Bridgestone Ecopia casing” said Jones.