Oct 17, 2017

BSRO teammates save four-legged Boss

Every day Bridgestone Retail Operations (BSRO) teammates deliver on A Promise to Care. Usually that involves outfitting the Boss' vehicles with premium tires and best-in-class automotive service, but some days bring unexpected opportunities. Recently, Firestone Complete Auto Care (FCAC) teammates at an Orlando, FL store had such a day.

Teammates Santiago Del Hoyo (MTS) and John Eckenrode (Tech) were challenged to remove a cat from inside a woman's dashboard. The customer had just rescued the stray cat and was on her way to a rescue shelter when the frightened feline escaped its crate and dashed into the glove compartment. 

John removed the glove compartment and part of the dash, then coaxed the alarmed cat into a position he could reach. He retrieved the cat, unharmed, and returned it to its crate safe and sound. The customer was so grateful she offered to bring lunch for the whole team.

All in a day's work when you stand behind A Promise to Care.