Aug 3, 2016

2,600 acres added to the Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness

Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) and The Land Trust for Tennessee recently announced the addition of 2,600 acres in protected land to the historical Scott's Gulf region in Tennessee, home to the Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness Wildlife Management Area.

The newly protected area, connects to existing protected lands totaling over 45,000 acres and provides the public with additional areas for low-impact outdoor activities, including fishing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and hunting.

In 1998, Bridgestone donated 4,000 acres of land in White County's Scott's Gulf to the state of Tennessee to create the Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness. Two years later, the company donated an additional 6,000 acres to the state, bring the total to 10,000 acres and becoming one of the largest land donations in history to the state by a private company.

Today, the Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness is a TWRA wildlife management area consisting of waterfalls, 26 miles of hiking trails, overlooks of the Caney Fork River Gorge and camp grounds. The Wilderness is also home to a variety of wildlife, including federally listed species of bats, fish, mussels and plants.

The Bridgestone-Firestone Centennial Wilderness is a testament to Bridgestone's commitment to ensuring a healthy environment for current and future generations.