Donations and Social Contributions

Bridgestone Americas (BSAM) is committed to being a good corporate citizen nationally, regionally and in the communities we serve.

Bridgestone’s global commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, Our Way to Serve, provides the framework by which all Bridgestone companies should prioritize donations and other efforts to add true value to teammates, customers, end-users and communities.

BSAM has established the Bridgestone Americas Donations and Social Contributions Committee (DSCC) to administer and continuously improve the process, budget and governance of donations and social contributions in alignment with Our Way to Serve, including the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund and company resources.

While contributions are made to more than 150 organizations each year, both the Trust Fund and company donations are intended to focus on organizations with missions supporting Bridgestone’s three Priority Areas of Mobility, People and Environment. Over the past five years, the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund has donated more than $12 million to charities across the country, impacting both national organizations and countless lives in 32 communities.

Grant Process

1. In 2021, non-profits requesting support must complete the form providing the appropriate information.

2. The BSAM DSCC will evaluate requests on a quarterly basis on the following schedule:

2021 Application Period 2021 Grant Review and Notifications
January 1 to March 25 April 30
April 1 to June 25 July 30
July 1 to September 24 October 30
October 1 to November 15 December 1

3. A member of our DSCC will contact applicants and inform them of the committee’s decision. Payments will be processed following communication of the decision.

Grant Application

Additional Information

  • No exceptions for requests outside of the application period. (Unless determined by the DSCC based on emergency situations).
  • Only one application per organization per year.
  • For questions, please contact: