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Apply For Bridgestone Funding

Thank you for your interest in the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund. Prior to completing an application, please read the application deadlines and funding guidelines closely.

Download and submit your application in PDF or Word format to Wade Munday, Director of Corporate Philanthropy and Social Impact, by the application deadline. IMPORTANT: Please include 2023 Request for Funding in the subject line.

Due to the volume of submissions, we are unable to provide feedback on all applications. We will notify every one of the results of their application by the award notification date.

Application deadline

Award notification

Friday, February 17

Friday, March 10

Friday, May 19

Friday, June 9

Friday, August 18

Friday, September 8

Friday, November 17

Friday, December 8


In 2023, the Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund is only supporting organizations who received funding in 2022 while we evaluate our social impact strategy.

Organizations must deliver services in areas where Bridgestone has a physical location.

Organizations must be a registered 501 (c)(3) or a registered academic institution.

Organizations must fit into one of Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund’s four categories:

·       Health & Social Services

·       STEM & Education

·       Environment & Conservation

·       Equity & Inclusion

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund does not provide grants to for-profit entities, political campaigns, religious organizations whose sole purpose is religious outreach, or individuals.

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund does not provide support to organizations that discriminate by age, sex, religion, race, sexual orientation, political affiliation, gender identity, or national origin.

Bridgestone Americas Trust Fund does not provide funding greater than 20% of an organization’s annual operating budget.

Organizations must be able to receive funds by electronic wire transfer in 2023.