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March 15, 2019 SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA

Bridgestone Improves Energy Efficiency in its production plant in Costa Rica

The plant reduced its carbon emissions by 10% compared to 2017 Achievement contributes to SDGs indicator 7.2 that seeks to increase the use of renewable energy

Bridgestone Costa Rica Energy efficiency

Bridgestone, the world leader in tire manufacturing and other diversified products, keeps working to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations. The company uses solar energy and biomass, and implements continuous improvement processes looking for energy efficiency in the production process.

The  actions taken contribute to indicator 7.2 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which works to increase the amount of renewable energy in the set of energy sources.

According to United Nations data, the SDGs are a powerful tool that involves not only governments but also private companies, civil society leaders, scientists and students from all over the world, facing the need to learn how to live in a sustainable way.

Goal 7, called affordable and clean energy, focuses on granting access to safe, sustainable and modern energy for all, to guarantee universal access to electricity by 2030, making it necessary for different actors to invest in clean energy sources, such as Solar, wind and thermal, among others.

At Bridgestone, the company has developed different strategies to encourage the use of clean energy and reduce overall energy consumption.

"A pillar of our corporate environmental mission is the reduction of CO2 emissions, through the implementation of different initiatives aimed at a more efficient consumption of energy resources. We currently use solar energy for the lighting of some offices and external lighting, as well as for water heaters; in addition, we use a biomass boiler neutral in emissions in our production process.", said Leoncio Rojas, Manager of Environment, Health and Occupational Safety of Bridgestone Costa Rica.

Bridgestone has been certified in ISO 14001 environmental management system; ISO 50001 that focuses on energy efficiency, and the ISO 14064 for greenhouse gas verification.

Thanks to the company's efforts in 2018, Bridgestone reported  great results with the lowest carbon footprint per unit produced in the company's history and a 10% reduction compared to 2017.

About Bridgestone Costa Rica, S.A.:

Bridgestone Costa Rica, SA (BSCR) is a subsidiary of the Bridgestone Latin America North (BS-LAN) business unit, which is part of the Bridgestone America Tire Division (BATO LA) and Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations (BATO), headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. BSCR was established and built its first tire in 1967 in La Ribera de Belen, in the province of Heredia. The facility manufactures passenger, light truck, truck and bus, and agricultural tires. BSCR also markets small off road tires throughout Costa Rica and has sales responsibilities for Central America and the Caribbean Islands.

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