Sep 12, 2016

Bridgestone Brazil Assists in Mosquito Proliferation Prevention Efforts

Bridgestone Brazil Mosquito Project

For the past two years, Brazil has experienced outbreaks of dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya diseases as a result of the spread of the mosquito species called Aedes aegypti. In an effort to decrease the proliferation of these mosquitos and the spread of disease, Bridgestone Brazil is working to raise awareness and promote safe environments for teammates and local communities in these affected areas.  

In March, Bridgestone Brazil launched the project "Zero Mosquito" to prevent the proliferation of these mosquitos in our plants. The project is managed by a multidisciplinary committee made up of teammates across different areas to determine local mosquito presence and eliminate them. The committee receives visits from the health surveillance department to support the committee's efforts and provide counsel on next steps of the project and action plans.

​Thank you Bridgestone Brazil for your efforts to help ensure the safety of our teammates and the local community.